My views on mental health services

I have had a number of constituents of Cities of London and Westminster ask me where I stand on issues concerning mental health services. This response to one constituent (name removed out of respect for privacy) outlines my views.

Dear …,

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I am pledging to be an active and accessible MP for the community if elected. As part of this, I am pledging to have a dedicated office, physically located in the constituency, which is staffed full time, so I can best hear the concerns of constituents. In short, any issue you raise as a constituent, whether related to mental health services or otherwise, I will take seriously.

Another of my pledges, in line with Labour Party policy, is to fight tooth and nail for better funding for local health and care services, including mental health services. Under this current government, our mental health services are in a shameful state. Years of Tory cuts have pushed our valiant mental health workers to their absolute limits. People encountering mental health difficulties often have difficulty accessing services and when they do, they are greeted by stressed, over-worked staff who lack the necessary information to treat patients effectively. These are not the experience a vulnerable person should have to deal with.

To answer your question, yes I would be happy to support this campaign if elected MP. Improving access to mental health services should be a priority for the next government. Moreover, I personally believe breaking the stigma around mental health is a key step in the fight to provide better care.