It is an honour to be here with you in this place today of all days, to celebrate the Windrush Generation and the immense contribution they have made to our schools, our trade unions, to business, to the NHS!

I know what it is like, to forge a new life in a place that can often feel a long way from home. But we are all the stronger and richer for it. The Windrush generation paved the way for all those that followed. And this would not be the great country it is, without the sacrifices they made.

So it is vital that we keep in our thoughts pioneers like Noel Davis, Alan Willmott to whom we wish all power and strength, as well as remember all those who came before us, but that we have recently lost. Gone but not forgotten. We tread in their path and seek to learn from their example. If we achieve half of what they did, we will have done well!

So I would like to thank you all for being here today. Coming together like this, as a community, is a powerful symbol of what has been achieved so far, as well as a reminder of what is still to be done.

Together we can continue the fine Windrush tradition of making this world a better place for future generations.

Thank you.