This country has given me so much.
That’s why I spend so much of my time trying to make a contribution in whatever way I can.

My dad was a political activist in Turkey but had to flee when his life was put in danger. This country not only took him in but several years later allowed us to join him so that we could reunite as a family. I can never forget that this country saved my dad’s life and gave us home; it housed us, educated us and cared for us.

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I’ve always lived by the rule that if there is something you care about, you do something about it. I believe the same tireless approach should be shown by those lucky enough to be selected to represent their constituents in parliament.
Ibrahim Dogus

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While things were far from perfect – I can never forget that this country saved my dad’s life and gave us a home. It housed us, educated us and cared for us when we were sick.
My family arrived in this country when I was 14. We lived four to a room, and I was bullied at school because I spoke hardly any English. But we learnt resilience and stamina. I soon started working as a waiter, and ten years later, opened my own restaurant.

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