My name is Ibrahim Dogus. 

I am here outside North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton in North London. 

Inside, there are hundreds of heroic NHS staff battling to keep people well. 

They do a fantastic job, and like everyone, I want to show my support.

So I’m working with local food companies and City Pantry and Just Eat to deliver meals to the NHS workers. 

Often, these NHS heroes come off a long shift and there isn’t the time for a trip to the shops, or there isn’t the food on the shelves. 

So we’ve delivered over 100 meals so far, and we will work hard to get more into the right hands. 

Maybe you could do something similar where it’s needed near you? 

Get in touch and I’ll explain how to do it. 

These guys care for us when we need them most – let’s show we care about them. 

And remember – stay in, stay well, and together we can beat the virus. 

Thank you.