It is a great honour to welcome you all to Town Hall today.

It is fair to say that Joan Wilson is something of a legend in these parts. Her reputation for kindness, commitment and calm proceeds her and I cannot emphasise enough the respect and admiration that flows from people who know her once you mention her name.

f we are lucky enough to change just one person’s life we will have left the world a fundamentally better place. Mrs. Wilson has changed countless lives with a ripple effect that has multiplied good throughout our community. With the support of her husband Leory and her son Dimetrio they have provided a home to so many of our young people who have quite literally found themselves with nowhere else to go.

But they have done more than provide a roof. They have given unconditional love and support to those who needed it most. It’s a simple but powerful gift.

Many of you, of course, already know all of this much better than me. But it is important that these things do not go unrecognised.

So once again, on behalf of the Borough of Lambeth, on behalf of our community and on behalf of us all – thank you.