I got only selected to be the candidate for West Bromwich East only about ten days ago.
When Fidel, the regional director, called and said to me “You are the candidate for West Bromwich Eat”, I was a bit surprised.

I had no connections, no contacts in the CLP or within the community at the time. Or I thought I did not have these contacts.

But then I realised, Labour is such a big family! And the family here has been so welcoming – Elaine, Liz, Sarah, Simon, Luke, Bill, everyone has been so kind and good to me.

We’ve been outdoor knocking non-top since the day I got selected. We’ve been hand-delivering all those thousands of leaflets with you guys.

Nationally, when the party was talking about us being people-powered sort of movement, you hear these things and you say “What kind of people-powered movement is this?”.

When you don’t see in practice, but West Bromwich East and West, I would say, have proven that this is real people-powered movement!

Thank you so much for everything you do!