Ladies and gentlemen, friends,

My name is Ibrahim Dogus, Mayor of Lambeth,

and what an honour, it is to be here with you today, to celebrate the birthdays of two of our greatest residents, Mrs Agnus Smith, and Mr Levi Hamilton.

As I understand, Mr Hamilton turned 102 only yesterday, and I’ve met him for the first time

Two months back in Oval station during Odyssey Stories Exhibition which was the great opportunity for me to meet him (which means he still a relatively young man! and I’m doing all I can to catch up)

And Mrs Agnus is 105 next week, and is something of an expert in Tai Chi, which is again the great thing to hear about which is possibly the secret to her beautiful good looks this morning!

Both continue to be pillars of our community,

Having arrived here in the 50’s as part of the Windrush generation.

I know what it is like, to make a life in a new country. It is not always easy! But the challenges are rewarding!

And those like me, owe a huge debt, to those who paved the way like Windrush generation

As I understand, Mr Hamilton provided security, for Sir Winston Churchill as he lay in state.

And this would not be the great country it is, without the sacrifices made by those like Mr Hamilton and Mrs Agnus, who rebuilt Britain from the ground up.

I should also mention, the Stockwell Good Neighbours group, for all of the fantastic work they do, supporting the much-valued elders of our community.

But to Mrs Agnus, Mr Hamilton, I say thank you once again and wish you continued health and happiness.

Thank you for being part of our great community here in Lambeth

Thank you very much!