And congratulations to you all on such a successful tournament!

The strength of all teams comes from your hard-work and commitment not just to yourself, but to each other.

And you should be very proud of the efforts you have put in. It’s a great life lesson!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of your parents and coaches, who have been there through thick and thin!

I’d like to say a few special thank yous to people who have been vital to making today’s event possible: firstly to Mr Charlie Orton, Chairman for London Volleyball Association for his continuous support, to Laurence Oliver, the previous centre manager, for agreeing to install volleyball equipment in the centre to enable this activity to take place and to Ms Sue Robinson for her positivity and drive toward making this development a success.

Also to the current management of the centre for their continuous co-operation, sports-inspired for helping us with the development of sport in schools, and finally, to Sport England for funding part of the project.

It’s been a fantastic day – I can’t wait to see how your careers flourish in the months and years to come!