Hi, my name is Ibrahim Dogus.

I’m a Labour councillor and a community activist.

The scenes from Pakistan are horrific and heartbreaking.
The monsoon, which annually brings the water for crops, h
as this year brought destruction and death.
Whole villages swept away. People’s homes under water. 33 million people displaced. Over a thousand killed. More rain has fallen in a few days than in a year. Rivers have burst their banks and flood defences have been overwhelmed.

A vast human disaster is unfolding before our eyes. The Pakistani people are crying out for aid. They need emergency shelters, food, and medical supplies.

I urge you to join me in donating whatever you can spare, to the Disaster fund at this address https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ibrahim-dogus.
It’s the best way to help people right now.

But there’s something else.

This flood is the result of man-made climate change. It is part of the extreme weather patterns we’ve seen across the world. Unless we step up the fight against climate warming we will see ever more disasters like in Pakistan.

So let’s help Pakistan’s people today, and fight for climate justice for all our tomorrows.

I’m very pleased to have the legend that is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s support for my campaign. Here is what he had to say at our meeting:

Salaam to Everyone
This is Rahat Ali Khan and this is my friend Ibrahim Dogus. He is raising funds for the biggest floods in Pakistan, for the people who are suffering and who are going through utter devastation. Ibrahim has launched an NGO raising funds. So give with open hearts and give generously, and give as much as you can and please all participate in this funding project.

Please make a donation. The link to make a donation will be on your screens shortly.

Thank you.