And thank you, It is such a pleasure to join with you and share the success of Chance UK.

What I love most about this project, is the way it celebrates London’s diversity, bringing together mentors and mentees, often from very different walks of life, to learn from each other and help strengthen our community as a whole.

I can’t imagine it has always been easy and has required an enormous amount of time and effort but I can tell just by being here that it has been worth it.

So thank you to Chance UK, and even bigger thank you to the mentors who have made the project such a success. And to the families here today who have given so much of their time and trust.

But most of all, congratulations to all the mentees, You have all put in a heroic effort to get here I hope you are all truly proud of your achievements. I know I speak for everyone here today, when I say how much we look forward to your achievements in coming years.

Thank you all!