Colleagues, friends,

What a pleasure to be with you here on this beautiful day to mark the re-opening of the Woodfield Pavilion.

This project is a wonderful tribute of the enthusiasm and teamwork in our boroughs, whose citizens have come together and brought to life this community project. Thanks to the people of Lambeth and Wandsworth, the Pavilion will provide a space for people to learn and teach, work and play, to gather and organise. Its raison d’etre will be to help local people bring to fruition their own ideas, supported by its facilities and staff. I hope the Woodfield Pavilion and Ground will be abundantly used, and, with input from residents of both boroughs. I’m sure it will provide many opportunities for collaboration.

I would like to thank The Worshipful Mayor of Wandsworth for the contributions made by her borough and its residents.

I would also like to thank the Trustees of The Woodfield Project, who have given countless hours to return this pavilion to public use.

I’m sure I can speak for everyone here today in saying how much I look forward to seeing the projects, collaborations and new friendships that will take root and flourish here in this beautiful space.