Defeated but slashed the Tory majority!

I was undeniably sad to learn we had not won the Cities of London and Westminster. But I think everyone involved in the campaign can feel proud in knowing we ran a great, positive campaign. We increased Labour’s hold on this seat and showed that through hard work, cooperation and talking about the issues that matter to people, we were able to make a difference. We managed to reduce the Conservative majority from around 9,000 to around 3,000 votes. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who gave their time to this campaign and everyone who trusted me with their vote. It means so much and we should continue to fight another day. I wish Mark Field all the best in representing the constituency in parliament.

I for my part am determined to carry on. I was inspired and moved by the dedication of all the activists and volunteers who gave so much. I am touched by the amount of people who wrote to me, even if not typically Labour voters, because they wanted to engage with their candidates, the very essence of the democratic experience. These last weeks have shown me more than ever that our democracy is an incredible thing. I want to make Britain a fairer and better place, and I hope I will have many more opportunities in the future to work towards this goal.

Thank you all once again!