My name is Ibrahim Dogus, and I am Labour councillor in Lambeth. 

As the Covid-19 crisis deepens, the most important thing we can all do right now is 

to stay at home, 

stop the spread 

and save the NHS. 

But there are hundreds of thousands of people who are doing more than that.

There are hundreds of thousands of key workers – shop workers, cleaners, drivers, teachers, social workers, police, armed services, and of course the NHS. 

Nearly a million people have signed up as volunteers. 

These people are the best of Britain. 

They are risking their lives to save others. 

Some have already paid the ultimate price. 

They all make us proud. 

So it is natural that we want to thank them and show our support. 

But what can we practically do? 

I am launching a campaign inspired by the Meals for the NHS campaign to provide hot meals to NHS workers, and I need your help. 

We have to start somewhere – so I am starting at the North Middlesex Hospital in London. 

Like all the NHS hospitals, the North Middlesex is struggling to cope with new cases of the virus. 

The staff are working long hours under incredible pressure. 

They are seeing things none of us would want to see. 

And sometimes when they finish their shifts, they have no food at home. 

The least they deserve is a hot meal on us. 

So – how about it? 

We will work with local businesses and businesses such as City Pantry and Just Eat who have kindly agreed to provide hot meals for the North Middlesex Hospital in Enfield. 

Of course, we will observe the need for social distancing, and make sure everyone stays safe. 

Our NHS is staffed by heroes. 

Let’s do something practical to show them we care. 

Thank you.