I would like to thank you for inviting me here today to celebrate Black History Month.

It is both wonderful and important that Black History Month is now firmly set in the calendar … and that each October; we can focus on the contributions of African and Caribbean cultures and the Windrush Generation.

It is a time to promote and to celebrate the contributions AND the achievements made by Black people to British Society and to foster an understanding of Black History.

The theme for Black History Month 2019 is ‘Black Migrations’ and without migration, we would not have the vibrant, diverse, multicultural and ever tolerant society that exists today.

Thank you all for your own contribution to British Society and for your part (however large or small) in helping to make Britain the country that it is today.

Lastly I would like to pay tribute to Gloria Bailey who passed away earlier this year. Among her incredible number of achievements, Gloria formed the ‘Make a Difference’ club to provide various services, so that SHE could make a difference to her community by creating a space for older people to meet with others, thus combatting loneliness and isolation. 

A great example of contribution and achievement.

Thank you.