It is an honour to be here today for these fantastic awards to celebrate the success of what – out of great tragedy – Lorraine has created – and the successes of the young people here today.

Knife crime and gang violence are a terrible scourge on our society, and more must be done on a national level to help combat the causes of crime and to provide support to the victims. 

But the Dwayne Simpson Foundation shows the power of what we can do as individuals and together as a community. 

Lorraine and the Dwayne Simpson foundation are a shining example of how much is possible.

The inspiring young people here today are a testament to the foundation’s commitment to supporting Lambeth’s youth to reach their full potential.

And the impact of this foundation will resonate beyond these walls and beyond the people here today.

The positivity, self-confidence and sense of community built amongst these young people and their families will go on to inspire their friends and the wider community. 

We are living through difficult times, but together, we can overcome whatever the world throws at us.

Lambeth people come from every corner but we are united; many backgrounds, but a common future.  

As Mayor, this is my message – one community, one Lambeth, one London. Only by working together can we overcome the challenges we face.

And more than anything we must support our young people to can break the vicious cycles, that can stretch across the generations.  

It is a complex and difficult challenge, but to have so many of you here is a testament to the strength of our community and gives me great hope for our future. 

I would like to extend particular thanks to the police, the Royal Navy, the Army, and the Army Reserves for their support and commitment to Dwayne Simpson events in Lambeth. 

So thank you all for coming and congratulations to all the young people here today.