Hello everyone and welcome to Brixton Gym!

It is safe to say that Terroll is something of a Brixton legend and his reputation as a man of passion precedes him!

So it is an absolute honour to be here opening an initiative, that could not have come at a more urgent time. It is a terrible thing to have to say, but our young people are dying. And there are those in government who believe, that an adequate response can be found on the back of a chicken box.

In complete contrast, people like Terroll, who are rooted in our community are offering real solutions, that go beyond lazy stereotypes. More than anyone, he has shown what can be achieved, when our young people are offered the chance of a real alternative and an environment, where hard work and commitment are properly nurtured and rewarded.

This place will provide a training space for the whole community. But what makes it so special, is the emphasis on making sure that the confidence and discipline, developed in and around the boxing ring, are transferred to all aspects of life. The gym is simply the cornerstone of a whole range of wonderful projects, aimed at raising up our next generation.

I can not think of more pressing or more important work.
And I would like to thank Terroll, his team and everyone who has worked to make it possible.

I look forward to seeing it in action and who knows possibly having a couple of rounds in the ring with the man myself!

Thank you!