Hello, I’m Ibrahim Dogus and I am a Labour Councillor and deputy mayor of Lambeth.

If there’s one thing the Government should be able to guarantee, it is keeping citizens safe.

Yet many in our community do not feel safe.

Many people worry about burglary, or whether their kids are safe on the streets, or if they risk being robbed.

The police need the resources to tackle crime and to keep our communities safe.

Policing cannot be done on the cheap. Policing needs the cash to protect the public, to keep police on the streets and estates, and to bring criminals to justice.

Yet this Conservative Government has cut our police service to the bone.

Since 2010, there are 3,000 fewer police officers across London.

3,000 fewer PCSOs.

5,000 fewer civilian staff working for the police.

Police stations have closed. 

Front desk services have been put on reduced hours.

At the end of last year, the Police Federation reported that the Metropolitan Police has run out of things to sell.  They’ve sold buildings, flats and police stations. They’ve sold the crown jewels. 

No, there’s nothing left.

On 13 March, the chancellor Philip Hammond will announce his Spring Budget for the coming years.

I believe it is essential that he reverses cuts to policing in Lambeth and across London. 

Last year, he claimed austerity is over. So let him prove it. 

Let’s see police stations in our borough that are open when people need them.

Let’s see police turn up when we call as fast as we need them to.

Let’s see police patrols on the streets and on the estates, and a return to real community policing.

No-one should have their lives blighted by crime or the fear of crime.

Mr Hammond! Stop the cuts and bring back our police. 

As a local Lambeth councillor, I am always keen to hear your views about policing or any other issue that concerns you.