Protecting human rights and workers’ rights laws

An issue that has come up frequently in correspondence with residents of Cities of London and Westminster is the concern that our leaving the EU will mean that we will lose important, hard-won legislation on human rights, workers’ rights, animal protections and environmental protections among others.

I share these concerns and I am really worried that Theresa May is trying to use this election to justify pushing home huge changes without consulting the people. I pledge, if elected, to fight tooth and nail to make sure the British people are consulted every step of the way on which aspects of EU legislation they want passed into UK law. I will do my utmost to prevent the next government from riding rough shod over parliament and repealing any legislation it likes. 

If elected, I will be dedicated, tireless fighter in Parliament doing everything I can to rally cross-party support to constrain the excesses of the hard Brexit-ers. I am a dedicated Labour supporter but I have friends and allies from many strands of the political spectrum with whom I share a belief in the importance of human rights, LGBT rights and women’s rights, among other issues. If elected, I would use the friendships and partnerships I have built up over almost two decades of campaigning to create consensus to pressure the government.