I need your support!

Dear friends,

I am beyond proud to announce that I have been selected as the Labour Party candidate for the Westminster and London Cities constituency. I understand that as a Conservative safe seat, this constituency is supposed to be ‘unwinnable’.  But I want to give it a real try. I want to see if we can make a difference.

The Labour Party recently won historic victories in local elections in this constituency. The incumbent MP Mark Field shows little interest in his constituents. Turnouts are typically low but were higher for the EU membership referendum which saw a majority of residents vote to remain. Labour does not normally run a big campaign for the constituency.

Even still, I know that the chances are not great. But I say it is worth a try. In going for this and showing our determination we can boost Labour elsewhere. If we do it properly and campaign to make a difference at the financial, political and cultural heart of our country, we send a powerful message.

What’s more, in my neighbouring constituency of Westminster North, Karen Buck MP is campaigning for re-election. Karen has done tremendous things for her constituency and we want our campaign to reinforce her chances of continuing the important work she has done for her community.

I have a lot of energy and determination to bring to this campaign. I came to this country when I was 14 years old following my family who were refugees. At 15 I started working as a waiter and at the age of 23, I set up my own business. Now I own three restaurants in South London and have started my own beer company.

I have a strong background as a community organiser, being involved in community politics since I was 19. I have started many organisations that have helped and raised funds for communities. Through hard work and determination I have already made a difference but I know I could do so much more as an MP. 

So, please come and support me if you can. Together we can make a difference. I am going to need a lot of volunteers for my campaign. I am planning to throw everything I have at this constituency. If you cannot give your time, your money would help as well! We are looking for all the support we can get to make this happen.  This Saturday, May 6th, there are three campaigning events all starting at 11am

outside the White Ferry  House pub, 1 Sutherland Street, SW1V 4LD

outside in the Curzon Soho cinema, 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 5DY

outside the Regency Cafe, 17-19 Regency Street, SW1P 4BY

You can reach me on Twitter: @ibrahim_Dogus, email: [email protected], or on: 07525185288. I need all the volunteers I can get to help!

Thank you for making it this far with me. It is thanks to so many of you that we have been able to achieve what we have done so far. Together we can do even more!

My sincerest thanks,

Ibrahim Dogus